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They are the most important ones of our life…and they deserve the best.


Our staff will be prepared to take care of our sweeties in the best way, with attractions booking, special experiences, skilled personnel able to let them leave the most enjoyable experience ….travelling!


We will manage a Baking Lesson experience for having fun with them and enjoying the italian cuisine.


Or a special party to leave in the most beautiful atmosphere even for a birthday to celebrate outside home.


In case of minors needing to travel without parents, we will assist your child and teen ager during the entire trip assuring the maximum comfort and assistance for technical and every kind of procedure.

This service is available also for long trips over 10 hours.


Baby sitting service in every location, with multilingual and professional Tatas, specialized up to the age of your kid.


Personal Swim Trainer and Yoga Trainer even during your vacation, in order to let the kids enjoy the sport vibration 

and feel safe and well. 

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